Pete Doherty and his on/off girlfriend Kate Moss are back together again, after the wayward rocker reportedly set fire to his bed to show the supermodel how much he loves her.

Babyshambles frontman Doherty most recently split with Moss after last month's (JUL05) Live 8 concert in London, during which he gave a widely criticised, shambolic performance.

And, following a week in which he was arrested for allegedly punching a British newspaper journalist, Doherty is said to have made a desperate cry for help by smashing up his guitar and setting a bed alight.

An insider tells British newspaper The Sun, "It's been a tough few weeks for Pete. He split with Kate, sacked his manager and got arrested for fighting a reporter.

"Things came to a head at the weekend. He was so frustrated he smashed up a guitar and set fire to his bed.

"Kate got to hear about it and let him come and stay. She still thinks she can sort out Pete and all his problems."