Troubled British rocker Pete Doherty has confirmed press reports his supermodel lover Kate Moss has ended their rocky 11-month relationship.

The blonde beauty, 31, split with 26-year-old Doherty after he failed to complete the rehabilitation treatment in an Arizona clinic, which she had paid for.

Doherty fled the Meadows clinic on Monday (28NOV05) after nine days of treatment. Moss completed a 30-day treatment at Meadows in October (05) and is modelling again.

Doherty tells British newspaper The Sun, "(Kate phoned me saying,) 'I don't want you anymore. You didn't stick it through rehab. I hate you.'

"I never know where I stand with her. It's either a black eye or love bite. It's like being in Afghanistan with her. I wish I could find some middle ground.

"With the amount of cocaine Kate was taking, it's amazing she got through rehab. I thought I would be able to do five weeks. But if I'm being honest my head exploded. I only stuck at it because she paid for it.

"I really wanted to do well in rehab to be strong for my family and Kate. But I missed London and my friends."