Troubled rocker Pete Doherty has left London to record the debut Babyshambles album in rural Wales - so he can avoid temptations in the British capital.

Former LIBERTINE Doherty, a recovering heroin and crack cocaine addict, was ordered out of London by record bosses who want him to concentrate on the upcoming disc away from friends and supermodel girlfriend Kate Moss.

An insider says, "The record company decided Pete can't stay in London and get the album done at the same time.

"They whisked him out of London on Sunday (20MAR05) and he'll be there (in Wales) until the middle of April (05) and possibly even longer if recording drags on.

"Pete never stops when he is in London. There is so much to do. His friends are always asking him out.

"There's no way he would get anything done if he stayed in town with Kate occupying all his attention."

22/03/2005 02:49