Troubled rocker Pete Doherty last night (8JUN04) flew out to Thailand in a bid to beat his addiction to drugs at the world's toughest rehab clinic.

THE LIBERTINES singer's bandmates, mum and agent Alan Mcgee convinced him to sign up for a month-long course at the notorious THAMKRABOK MONASTERY after he failed to kick his addiction to crack cocaine during a stay at London's THE PRIORY clinic.

But Doherty, who has already overcome his addiction to heroin, faces a tortuous path to enlightenment - patients at the monastery are kept under 24 hour guard, beaten with bamboo canes, and forced to drink a poisonous concoction of herbs to make them vomit and rid their bodies of impurities.

Once the course is completed, patients must sign a vow never to take drugs again.

The course is run by former US Marine GORDON BALTIMORE - who calls himself PHRA GORDON.

He says, "The method of punishment is the bamboo stick.

"For 30 days the patient is nothing but a robot. We push the button to decide when he eats and when he sleeps. Once someone starts his programme, the only way he can quit is when he is dead."

09/06/2004 02:53