Pete Doherty and his manager JAMES MULLORD were reportedly involved in a vicious fight after Mullord accused Doherty's lover Kate Moss of destroying Babyshambles.

Drug-addled rocker Doherty angered his manager when he announced he was quitting the already struggling band to work with his supermodel girlfriend.

Mullord confronted the singer, slammed $26,000 (GBP15,000) in cash on the table in front of Doherty, and allegedly shouted, "You think I'm in this for the money? No, I'm not. Don't let Kate Moss ruin your career and band."

The situation was then said to have quickly descended into violence when an angry Doherty started throwing punches at Mullord.

A witness tells British newspaper the Daily Mirror, "We were about to call the police but it wouldn't have looked good for Pete after the trouble he's been in.

"We couldn't stop them punching, kicking and clawing each other."

22/07/2005 01:55