Troubled rocker Pete Doherty has dismissed speculation he became a drug addict to silence his inner demons, insisting he takes narcotics because he enjoys them. The Babyshambles frontman has spent more than $170,000 (GBP100,000) fuelling his insatiable crack and heroin habits, and is dedicated to getting clean after falling foul of the law and losing ex-girlfriend Kate Moss after a British newspaper expose last year (SEP05). He says, "I don't take drugs to deaden me, I take 'em cos I love 'em. I know they're bad for me, financially crippling and I'm an addict. "It's like being in a war, and now I'm picking up the pieces. I really do want to clean up this time. "It would be interesting to film someone like me trying to detox because then people would see the pressures, how hard it is." Last week (ends24MAR06), Doherty admitted possessing crack cocaine, heroin and cannabis at a London court hearing. The case was adjourned until 20 April (06) for sentencing.