Troubled British rocker Pete Doherty has been fined $1,350 (GBP750) by a London court after pleading guilty to the assault of a BBC reporter. The Babyshambles frontman, 27, originally denied kicking a microphone out of the hand of Radio 1 Newsbeat journalist TRUDI BARBER in March 2005, but was forced to change his plea after television footage proved otherwise. Doherty was charged with assault by beating after hurting Barber's hand outside Thames Magistrates' Court. The reporter said the pain from her hand spread to the shoulder and she was prescribed painkillers for the pain. After Doherty referred to Barber as "harassing scum of press", Magistrate HELEN SKINNER told the singer he could not complain about media attention because he was well-known for his publicity-seeking. Skinner said, "Referring to the press as scum does no one any favours. You were obviously courting publicity judging by your somewhat extravagant behaviour outside the court. "People in public life have a responsibility to behave and be a good role model to others." Doherty has been given seven days to pay the fine after claiming he only had GBP0.27 ($0.48) on him.