A cartoon biography of troubled pop star Pete Doherty is set to be made into an animated TV series. A BOY CALLED PETE is being made by PETER ROBINSON and chronicles the adventures of the Babyshambles lead singer and his struggles with drug addiction. Robinson explains,"I don't think anyone could read about the life of Pete Doherty and think doing drugs is a good thing." The cartoon will tell the story of a young man who "sings songs and wears hats" and whose love of "mind-bending drugs" means he and pal KATE (MOSS) are "always in trouble". Robinson is also creating cartoons based on his other biographies on Britney Spears, Madonna, Robbie Williams, Eminem, Michael Jackson, SIR Elton John and Take That. He says, "ROBBIE (WILLIAMS) was given a copy of his book, he thinks it's funny...but there's been no comments from Pete yet."