Makers of a Pete Doherty doll have been slammed by anti-drugs campaigners for glorifying illegal drug use.

More Barred than Barbie, the doll of the former Libertines frontman features a charming little crack-pipe which lights up when pressed to the mini Pete's lips along with other accessories such as cigarettes, a miniature guitar and a syringe.

The 28-year-old musician, currently dating long-term girlfriend and supermodel Kate Moss, has had a well-publicised history of drug troubles with a number of attempts in rehab centres and several arrests for drug possession.

He has also appeared in court for charges of assault and driving offences.

With the Babyshambles singer regularly featuring in the tabloids, it would seem the maker, Fishy Toyz, is just cashing in the British interest of the troubled rocker.

Yet anti-drugs campaigners from Just Say No don't agree. The group is concerned that the pint-sized Pete doll is glorifying illegal drug use and may encourage young fans of the musician to experiment themselves.

The group have labelled the toy "very irresponsible" although the makers have not commented.

02/04/2007 07:50:11