Convicted burglar and drug addict Pete Doherty has accused police of "waging a vendetta" against him in a bid to land him in prison.

The ex-Libertines rocker - who was imprisoned in 2003 for burgling former bandmate Carl Barat's flat - has escaped a second stint in jail as robbery and blackmail charges against him were dropped.

Doherty has been informed prosecutors are ready to drop the case when he next appears at London's Snaresbrook Crown Court on 18 April (05), following his arrest in February (05) for allegedly fighting with film-maker MAX CARLISH, who sold pictures of the star smoking heroin to a newspaper.

And despite what he views as heavy-handed police tactics, Doherty is grateful for the support given to him by his supermodel girlfriend KATE MOSS.

He says, "It's like the police are waging a vendetta against me because young people look up to me and my music and want to make an example.

"It's all been about police brutality. They had it in for me. I'm a bit worried about speaking out because the police will try and land something else on me.

"I don't know how they believed Max Carlish. It's all a set-up.

"(Kate) said she'd support me whatever, and that could have included four years' jail. Knowing that made me strong enough to accept anything that happened."

Doherty's manager JAMES MULLORD adds, "The whole thing has cost us GBP100,000. It's put the album back eight weeks and made our lives a f**king misery. I couldn't care if this drives Max to suicide. I'd be f**king happy if it did."

11/04/2005 13:59