LATEST: Troubled rocker Pete Doherty was arrested and questioned in a north London police station yesterday (03AUG05), after he reportedly punched a British newspaper journalist in the face.

Daily Mirror reporter LAURIE HANNA, 24, claims he sought hospital treatment for eye injuries after becoming the target of an "unprovoked" attack by the BABYSHAMBLES singer in the Boogaloo drinking spot in Archway last week (26JUL05).

Hanna claims Doherty launched at him after he bought the recovering drug addict, who cops have released on bail until next month (SEP05), a drink and then asked for a "10 minute chat".

Last week, Hanna described the incident: "Doherty was passing me on my left hand side and the next thing I knew his right fist had lashed out and connected with my left eye.

"He shouted, 'What is it your paper calls me? - f**king junkie scum.'

"I was in total shock. My eye had begun to swell badly and I was having difficulty seeing."

04/08/2005 14:12