Troubled British rocker Pete Doherty was held by Norwegian customs officers on Friday (12AUG05) on suspicion of possessing drugs - and was only freed when concert organisers came to his rescue.

The KILLAMANGIRO singer, who is dating supermodel Kate Moss, was detained with another man for four hours at Gardermoen airport after customs officers discovered small amounts crack cocaine and heroin on their persons.

Doherty flew to the Scandinavian country to perform at a festival with his band Babyshambles.

Oslo police prosecutor HAROLD HOLMSEN says, "I can confirm two British citizens were stopped by customs on Friday at around 4pm."

Organisers of the Oya Rock Festival paid GBP2,520 (GBP1,400) in fines to secure Doherty and his pal's release - but they still arrived five hours late for their slot.

When Babyshambles did take to the stage, Doherty proceeded to vomit in full view of 4,000 fans before telling them, "(Customs officers) strip-searched me and threw me in a cell for three hours. I got really mad."

A festival spokesperson says, "Babyshambles were late so they were rescheduled to play a 30 minute set at the end of the night. It wasn't the best performance. Pete got sick and vomited on the stage. He also threw vodka bottles into the audience and, at one point, told the crowd his singing was supposed to be out of tune."