A home video of Pete Doherty strumming a guitar while his scantily-clad supermodel girlfriend Kate Moss wanders around has proved a smash hit on the internet. More than 130,000 people have so far viewed the three-minute clip of the couple, who are both smoking, on video-sharing website YouTube.com. Babyshambles frontman Doherty is playing his guitar and singing along while Moss - wearing nothing under a see-through dress except panties - kicks her bare legs in the air. At one point, the beauty says, "SONNY AND CHER we ain't." Elsewhere, British newspaper The Sun has today (04APR07) reported that Doherty and Moss are making a video diary of their life together. A source tells the publication, "They think it's cool and romantic, like something John Lennon and Yoko Ono would have done."