Troubled rocker Pete Doherty and supermodel Kate Moss have demonstrated their love for each other - by getting tattoos of their initials inside hearts.

The ex-Libertines frontman started dating the catwalk beauty at her 31st birthday party earlier this month (15/16JAN05).

And he's so smitten with Moss, he's even vowed to quit the crack cocaine and heroin addictions which have plagued his music career.

He says, "It's been the best week in a long time because I've really found love with Kate. I think it will last. She's good for me because she's got a beautiful soul and I think I can trust her.

"I think I can be trusted and she can trust me. I believe her when she says she loves me ands I know I mean it when I say I love her. "We got each other's initial tattooed in little hearts. I had a K in a heart. I'm kicking drugs for her too."

25/01/2005 02:46