Former bandmates Pete Doherty and CARL BARAT have reunited to discuss reforming The Libertines, two years after Barat kicked Doherty out of the British group. The pair met in the Dublin Castle pub in Camden, London on Tuesday (18JUL06) evening after mutual friends Kate Moss and singer LISA MOORISH encouraged them to put their troubled past behind them. Barat threw Doherty out of The Libertines in 2004 because of his addiction to drugs. An insider says, "Carl turned up bang on time at 8pm. He sat on his own drinking and minding his own business. Then Pete showed up an hour later - which is on time by his standards. "They got the pints in and sat together for about two hours. It was emotional for both of them. But they got on really well and managed to soothe some old wounds. "They did discuss the possibility of working together. "Carl has always said he would only reform the band if Pete gets off drugs, which he has failed to do. But there was forgiveness on both sides. "It is the first step down the path to a reunion."