Troubled rocker Pete Doherty's band Babyshambles were forced to end a live performance last night (30NOV04) after a barrier came loose, injuring several audience members.

The estranged LIBERTINE singer was playing at the Collosseum in Coventry, west England, when the stage barrier gave way during an opening song crowd surge.

But after a 20-minute interlude, the band returned to the stage to play a toned down set before the barrier broke again towards the end of the show.

The Collosseum's promoter RICH ELMS, explains, "Part of the barrier came loose and we had to stop the show. We had to delay the gig but no-one was hurt and the band came on later. It was touch and go at one point.

"The audience was a bit wound up because the band was a bit late. So when something happens you wonder how people are going to react to it. The band were really good about and Pete was cool. Everything went back to normal and Babyshambles played a full-set and an encore.

"The barrier came loose again later in the show. But we just had to click it back into place. Pete spoke to the crowd to get them to move back."

01/12/2004 17:12