Pete Doherty's band Babyshambles have put their next album on hold over fears the public is sick of hearing rock music.
The troubled British star and his group were set to release their third record later this year (09) - but have decided to wait until 2010 to see if guitar-based independent music makes a chart comeback, according to drummer Adam Ficek.
He says, "The 'Shambles won't release until late next year, when the scene is more fruitful.
"At the moment there are many guitar bands struggling. People have got bored because there's a generic sound.
"There was a lot of money going into indie music so more mediocre bands have managed to sustain a career out of it."
And the musician blames a lack of rock 'n' roll role models in the industry at the moment for teens turning their backs on the genre.
He adds, "The kids don't want to be like Arctic Monkeys because they're not characters like (Oasis frontman) Liam Gallagher and (Blur star) Damon Albarn.
"A band similar to The Stone Roses or Oasis will emerge in the next three of four years. Some young with something to say, as no bands have anything to say right now. We haven't had a working-class band for ages."