Troubled rocker Pete Doherty was allegedly so intoxicated at last night's (15DEC04) gig with his new band Babyshambles, his management dragged him off the stage in a headlock.

Concerned fans claim the estranged LIBERTINES star, who has a well-publicised drug addiction, forgot songs and almost fell asleep during the concert at the Empress Ballroom in Blackpool, England.

The other members of Babyshambles were so disgusted by his behaviour they stormed off stage, while Doherty jumped into the audience and climbed the speakers until his bosses dragged him away to a chorus of jeers.

A shocked witness says, "Pete was looking really bad, forgetting his lines and almost falling asleep. Members of the band kept having a word in his ear but a few songs in the guitarist just got fed up and left. The rest of the band followed.

"Then Pete tore his T-shirt off and dived into the crowd. He then climbed on the speakers. He was going mad. He didn't have a clue what he was doing.

"After about half an hour of the set his bosses came on and eventually dragged him offstage in a headlock while the crowd booed and threw bottles."

16/12/2004 17:46