DEAD OR ALIVE singer Pete Burns is reportedly receiving psychiatric treatment, after his friends and family convinced him to seek help. The YOU SPIN ME ROUND star's behaviour has become so erratic since starring in British reality TV show Celebrity Big Brother, he was evicted from an exclusive London hotel on Wednesday (22MAR06) following an argument over his bill. A friend tells British newspaper The Sun, "Pete's in a state. Friends have done their best but now he's getting the treatment he needs." However, Burns - who is famed for his striking looks following cosmetic surgery - says, "People think I'm a dizzy blonde but I'm 110 per cent sane." The 46-year-old announced he is getting divorced from wife of 20 years Lynne Corlett earlier this year (06), and the pressure of their split has pushed Burns close to the edge. He is now in a same-sex relationship with Michael Simpson, 37. His manager adds, "It's been stressful. He's suffering exhaustion and sleep deprivation."