Singer Pete Burns is in a "serious condition" in hospital after undergoing five hours of surgery on his kidneys.
The former Dead or Alive frontman was taken to a London medical facility on Wednesday (11Mar09) to have emergency surgery after he he was diagnosed with kidney failure.
Doctors discovered the star had eight kidney stones, but were unable to remove them because of complications.
Burns is on a morphine drip to battle the pain, according to the singer's official website.
He explains, "I'm in a very serious condition on 24 hours intravenous morphine for the pain. Intravenous fluid as I'm so dehydrated and the kidneys can't retain the liquid (sic).
"I'm critically ill and under 24 hours observation and will be in hospital for quite a long time."
The hospital dash comes as Burns awaits an estimated $1.85 million (£1 million) pay-out for botched cosmetic surgery to his lips, which allegedly left him "suicidal".