Flamboyant eighties pop star Pete Burns has announced his engagement to boyfriend Michael Simpson, with the pair showing off their gold skull-shaped rings live on British TV yesterday (09FEB06).

The pair gushed about how in love they were on a Channel Four chat show, and confirmed they intend to follow Elton John and David Furnish down the aisle under new laws recognising same-sex partnerships in England.

DEAD OR ALIVE singer Burns said, "We're so happy.

"Today we got our engagement rings, made by Vivienne Westwood. It symbolises that under all this flesh we are bones. And souls.

"Michael has never seen me as a photo, a video or a song. He saw me as the person I am.

"As soon as I met him, I fell. I stalked him in the restaurant he worked in.

"Somebody gave him my phone number, he called me that night, we met in a cafe and went on from there."

His partner Simpson added, "We just naturally connected with each other."