Singer Pete Burns has hit out at bungling doctors after he collapsed in agony - months after he was diagnosed with a "mere infection" by medics.
The former Dead or Alive frontman was rushed to a London hospital for emergency surgery after he keeled over in debilitating pain last Wednesday (18Mar09).
Burns discovered he had seven kidney stones that are so large they will have to be removed via laser surgery.
But the problem could have been solved sooner had doctors given him the correct diagnosis, according to the star.
His representative Walt Utz tells WENN, "He sought doctor's advice back in October, who 'diagnosed' a mere infection, even though Pete was convinced that his pains were more serious. He got more and more dehydrated over the months and the pain got worse and worse until he collapsed last week."
Burns is now recovering in hospital after undergoing five hours of surgery on his kidneys. He is on a morphine drip to help him battle the pain.
Utz adds, "The kidney stones have caused Pete to suffer from severe dehydration which is why he is being monitored 24 hours on a drip. He is losing several litres of fluid per day."
Burns is now set to undergo surgery on 30 March (09) to remove the kidney stones. He is expected to make a full recovery.