The 30-year-old, who announced she was expecting her first child with fiance Maksim Chmerkovskiy back in June (16), posted a video on social media sharing her pregnancy workout regime.

With a series of dumbbell and kettlebell routines, Murgatroyd showed off her growing bump as she worked up a sweat in the clip on Instagram.

"I am loving keeping fit whilst I’m pregnant. I’m 20 weeks and although I could sit on the couch watching TV all day, I have to get up and keep moving! To me it’s imperative for women to have an active pregnancy," the dancer wrote in the caption.

"It's better for your well being and it's great for your baby (within the limits your doctor has given you of course) Everyone will have an opinion about this, and that's ok, but until I'm too big that I can't move, I will be doing some sort of exercise each day," she continued.

"Believe me, it's not easy, I'm not used to this body I have at the moment, and I'm heavier than I have ever been."

Murgatroyd, who is expecting a baby boy in January, also shared with fans the more humorous side of her pregnancy. "The parts @maksimc (Maksim) and I laugh about the most, are the fact that I have to roll out of bed (I don't want to squish the baby), I use my hands to push myself off the couch and he has to boost my butt out of his low car," she joked. "Ladies, your health is everything and we have to laugh."

Murgatroyd and Chmerkovskiy plan to marry in summer 2017, after the baby is born.

"The timing is perfect, actually,” she told after her pregnancy was announced. "I’ll have the baby in January and then I’ll still have about six months to prepare for the wedding."