Thousands of Pet Shop Boys fans descended on London's Trafalgar Square on Sunday (12SEP04) to witness their live soundtrack to the 1925 movie BATTLESHIP POTEMKIN.

The pop duo, Neil Tennant and CHRIS LOWE, performed their score with the DRESDEN SINFONIKER orchestra as the war film was screened.

The overwhelming presence of fans left the band dumbfounded - last week (ends10SEP04) they confessed they were expecting a dismal turn-out at the free event.

Tennant says, "It's really exciting in London that you have got an event you can turn up and see the premiere of a new work. It's really a completely unique event.

"We liked the idea that we were going to take something made in the 1920s and put contemporary electronic music to it."

However, spectators at the event did have one complaint - they couldn't read the movie's subtitles.

SERGEI EISENSTEIN's groundbreaking silent film tells of a sailors' revolt in 1904, and has been hailed a major influence on generations of movie-makers and artists.

14/09/2004 02:24