Pop duo Pet Shop Boys have slammed contemporary pop as "rubbish", insisting the term has become a euphemism for TV talent show winners. The WEST END GIRLS hitmakers have dominated the British charts for nearly 20 years but insist modern talents shy away from the 'pop' label because it has become so tainted. NEIL TENNANT says, "We are going through a phase where the term 'pop' is used to mean rubbish. "But bands like the Arctic Monkeys, Kaiser Chiefs, Killers, Franz Ferdinand make pop music. They like to think they are rock but they are pop and all have a sense of fun about what they do and have a great look. "It annoys me that pop gets clogged up with Pop Idol and reality TV rubbish. "(The X Factor winner) Shayne Ward has a waxwork in Madame Tussauds - can you believe it?!"