The Pet Shop Boys are thrilled with the reaction their new soundtrack for BATTLESHIP POTEMKIN received last year (05), and plan release it in September (05).

The two-piece - Neil Tennant and CHRIS LOWE - performed the soundtrack alongside the DRESDNER SINFONIKER at a screening of the classic 1925 movie in London's Trafalgar Square last year (SEP04).

The WEST END GIRLS hitmakers view the project as the ultimate challenge, and were so pleased "we could write an hour and a quarter of continuous music" they are now releasing the movie music as an album in its own right.

Tennant has previously said, "The director (SERGEI EISENSTEIN) said that he wanted there to be a new soundtrack to the film every ten years to keep it fresh.

"We liked the idea that we were going to take something made in the 1920s and put contemporary electronic music to it."

22/07/2005 01:55