The Pet Shop Boys have slammed the British government on their latest album, insisting the Labour Party's ID card initiative is an ineffective means of combatting terrorism. The duo - Neil Tennant and CHRIS LOWE - make their distaste for Prime Minister Tony Blair and his foreign policy particularly vocal on the track I'M WITH STUPID. Tennant, a long-time campaign contributor to the Labour Party, is so disappointed in Blair he has now taken his allegiances elsewhere. A spokesman for the band says, "Neil has always been a Labour Party supporter but at the last election he voted Liberal Democrat because he is completely against the idea of ID cards. "The Pet Shop Boys think we should try to increase our freedom, not limit it. They don't believe ID cards are an effective way of countering terrorism. Some tracks are about the climate of fear that is being exploited so people can push through ID cards. "I'm With Stupid is inspired by the relationship between (US President) George Bush and Tony Blair."