'Eastenders' star Perry Fenwick, who plays the long running character Billy Mitchell, has another run to worry about - carrying the Olympic torch! The actor has been telling the Radio Times about his worries of carrying the torch, fearing that he might trip over and embarrass himself - we'd imagine burning his face off would be a more troubling concern should he trip, but embarrassment would be bad also we suppose.
"I come in on a morning and do a few laps of Albert Square," Fenwick said, "I basically want to find every pothole so the crew can fill them in. I've started thinking, 'God, it's not far away now'." He added: "I've been having these bizarre actor/athlete dreams where I've got no trousers on or I'm tripping up. It's a weird blurring of fiction and reality."
Fenwick carries the torch on July 23rd on its way to the London games, going past famous 'Eastenders' landmarks The Queen Vic and the launderette. Some of the footage recorded on the day will be used in an episode of the soap, and Fenwick said , "My main concerns are remember my lines, don't fall over and don't let the torch go out. If I can achieve that on the night and do a little bit of acting on top, then I'll be thrilled. Hopefully, there'll be a large gin and tonic waiting for me in my dressing room afterwards." He added: "The fact that an extra couple of million people will tune in to see whether I fall over is a pressure in itself."