Former JANE'S ADDICTION star Perry Farrell is convinced he owes his youthful looks to 15 years or relentless drug taking.

The eccentric rocker insists he'll never become an anti-drug advocate because he thinks the best people in life have all experienced substance highs.

He says, "I feel that I lost 15 years worth of intensive efforts, but I look great. That's one thing that surprises me.

"I guess every generation goes through their drug thing and some people get through it and get clean and some don't.

"But, you know what, I'm sick of the people that are sober. I think sobriety is wrong... You're supposed to party on Friday night, and, if you don't, you're going against God's wishes."

And Farrell believes a lack of drugs in today's music industry is making current hits "stale".

He adds, "If you look at the great art movements, everyone's dabbled and experimented... I'm going to preface that by saying addiction is stupid. But the lack of experimentation is affecting the music today, and, as a result, the music is stale. They need to break on through."