Perrie Edwards says fame is harder for her fiancé Zayn Malik to deal with than other stars.

The Little Mix singer insists it's almost impossible for Zayn to do normal things because of the phenomenal worldwide success of One Direction but she tries not to let the attention stop them from doing things as a couple.

She told the Metro newspaper: ''When you're in this industry life's never going to be normal. As much as you try. I do whatever I want. I go shopping all the time. I go out for food. Go out with my mates. I do everything normally but obviously Zayn is really famous so it's harder for him but we still do what we want to do.''

The blonde beauty insists she hasn't let her success go to her head and she doesn't see herself as a star, despite Little Mix's chart success.

Perrie explained: ''We like to stay grounded and be normal people and not act like divas. I'm not like, 'Oh I am going to be so mobbed today and everyone is going to take my photo.' I don't see myself like that.''

Perrie and Zayn got betrothed in August but since they are both busy working on their careers they haven't had time to begin planning their nuptials.

She said: ''I haven't started planning the wedding yet. I will get an idea of what I want once I have a date. Right now we are so busy. They're so busy, we're so busy so I haven't got the time but as soon as I am ready I will let everyone know.''