Director Penny Marshall has been scammed out of several thousands of dollars by a man claiming to be Lamar Odom's assistant. Perhaps Marshall was clouded by her dedication to Odom's team the Lakers, but when she was spun a yarn by the supposed assistant at a recent Lakers game, she fell for it, hook, line and sinker.
Tmz sent out a warning today (June 6, 2012) to any wealthy Lakers fans out there that may be in danger of falling for the scam, reporting on the details of the illegitimate plot. Apparently, the duping began last month at a Lakers game, when a man claiming to be Odom's assistant gave Marshall a phone number, which she was led to believe was Odom's. Marshall then exchanged several texts with somebody that she presumed to be Lamar, who explained that the assistant was strapped for cash and needed several thousand dollars. Being the faithful Lakers fan that she is, Marshall loaned the phoney assistant over five grand.
The 'Riding In Cars With Boys' director started to get suspicious when 'Lamar' stopped returning her texts. She then managed to get in touch with the real Lamar, who explained to her that he doesn't even have an assistant. Once the truth had been uncovered, Marshall approached Lapd, who have opened a grand theft investigation. A representative for Marshall did not provide Tmz with a comment.