Rod Stewart finds the wine ''snobbery'' of the French ''unbearable''.

The 68-year-old singer enjoys sending back bottles of wine when he goes for meals in the European country - which is renowned for its fine wine and food - to mock their superior attitude to their alcohol and cuisine.

He told Esquire magazine: ''[I love] sending back bottles of wine that aren't right in restaurants in France! Whoa! I love the French but I do find their wine snobbery something unbearable.''

However, the French capital Paris holds many fond memories for Rod of his early days before he was catapulted to the spotlight in The Jeff Beck Group,

During a recent visit to the city with his wife Penny Lancaster, he stood and watched a busker sing a version of his hit 'Tonight's the Night' in the same spot he had done so many years ago and realised just what a wonderful career he has had.

He explained: ''There's a place on the Left Bank in Paris where I busked outside when I was younger and had absolutely nothing. I remember singing 'Cocaine Blues' there. I went back with my wife a few years ago and there was a guy busking in the very same spot.

''He was playing a guitar in front of him, and he was singing 'Tonight's the Night'. He didn't know I was there. He didn't see me in the back. And, I thought, 'How remarkable?' Those are the wonderful I-really-have-made-it moments, you know?''