Hollywood producer JOHN LAWRENCE RE is furious Penelope Cruz's critically-acclaimed performance in Don't Move (NON TI MUOVERE) has been overlooked at the Oscars tomorrow (05MAR06). While Cruz's performances in European films, such as JAMON, JAMON in her native Spain, have been heralded by critics, the dark-haired beauty is yet to prove her acting abilities in big-budget Hollywood films. Re was stunned Cruz's portrayal of a rape victim in the Italian-made movie was ignored by the Academy Of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences (AMPAS) and accuses Hollywood of ignoring her talent because of her "exotic" good looks. He tells PageSix.com, "Her entire (Best Actress nomination) campaign was sabotaged. "The Academy voters decided to not take Penelope seriously as an actress. She's always been a person considered to be exotic and fun. And I have to say that that worked against her. I don't see any other explanation. She wasn't even a dark horse nominee. "The voters are older people you've never heard of. That body of 1,200 voters don't even go to the movies. They go on word of mouth. So, if everybody is saying that REESE WITHERSPOON should win, odds are that's who they'll vote for. That's how the voting is done."