Spanish star Penelope Cruz demanded that no bull be harmed during the making of new movie MANOLETE - before she signed on to star. The animal-loving actress is appalled by stories suggesting creatures were killed for the sake of the film, which follows a famous bull-fighter played by Oscar-winner Adrien Brody. Cruz has fired off a fierce letter to animal rights activists People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals, insisting her new movie is cruelty-free. The actress' manager Katrina Bayonas writes on her behalf, "Penelope Cruz is as disturbed as you are by cruelty to any animal. "Her contract requires that no animal be harmed in any way during the filming of Manolete and certainly that no bull be killed. If we hadn't been guaranteed that no animal will be hurt during the filming of Manolete, Penelope would never have agreed to make the film. "Penelope has three dogs, one of which she rescued from a certain death when on location in Mexico, and three cats which she got from the pound. She refuses to wear fur nor will she appear in a photo with someone wearing fur." PETA spokesman MICHAEL MCGRAW says, "Penelope Cruz is getting a huge bouquet of roses from PETA today." Producers at Lolafilms have also been keen to squash reports that bulls were injured a killed during the making of the film. In a statement, the producers write, "In reply to the concerns of various animal rights associations regarding the forthcoming shooting of the film Manolete... the production company Lola films wants to stress that there will be no killing, torture or mistreatment of bulls or any other animals during the shooting of the film."