Hollywood beauty Penelope Cruz is fed up with going to movie premieres and parading up and down in front of the world's press.

The Vanilla Sky actress - who recently split from Hollywood hunk TOM CRUISE after a two year relationship - has revealed how "apprehensive" she gets at glitzy celebrity-packed premieres.

The 28-year-old says, "Normally the night of the premiere is not the happiest night, even if you're happy with the movie - because there is all this press around.

"All actors want attention in a way and you would be very fake to say that you did not, but it can be a different kind of attention.

"It's not that you decide to do this kind of work because you wanted to become famous, but you have to know that can be a consequence.

"What really gives me happiness is the real work of when I'm shooting a movie."

08/04/2004 14:50