Penelope Cruz doesn't like wearing necklaces on the red carpet.

The stunning Spanish actress isn't a fan of neck accessories and instead prefers to don exquisite pieces of jewellery in her ears and on her arms and hands, a look she personified at this year's Oscars.

The dark-haired beauty looked breathtaking in her Donna Karan Bordeaux duchess satin gown, which was complemented by her Chopard jewellery.

The renowned jewellers had designed her 18-carat diamond chandelier earrings, lots of diamond bracelets and a large 16-carat diamond ring, which were all worth several million dollars.

Raffaella Rossiello, the international communication director for Chopard, said: "There's a huge amount of competition between the jewellery houses over which celebrities wear their brand, so it helps if you understand the stars' styles. We've worked with Penelope before, so we know that she isn't a fan of necklaces, but she adores diamond drop earrings and bracelets."

However, although they have a good working relationship with Penelope, Raffaella admits there was some last minute stresses.

She told Britain's Grazia magazine: "We spent weeks matching jewels to the various gowns she was considering but it still came down to a last minute drama! Like most stars, Penelope didn't make a final decision on her dress and accessories until the night before the Oscars and even then she wanted to remove some of the diamonds from her earrings. So we quickly altered them then delivered them to her on the morning of the ceremony. Very stressful!"