After tackling the English language, Spanish actress Penelope Cruz has now mastered Italian.

The Vanilla Sky actress took a crash course in the romantic language - sitting through five hours of Italian lessons a day for three months - for her role in the new movie NON TI MUOVERE, which means Don't Move.

Cruz, currently dating MISSION: IMPOSSIBLE star Tom Cruise, was in Rome on Monday (21JUL03), where she addressed patrons of a special press conference in Italian, telling them, "I'm in love with this film. When I read the book I cried."

And for the Italians daunted by the way Cruz pronounced her words, she assured, "Don't be afraid. When I speak like this, I have more of an accent than when I work on lines in the script." The movie starts shooting next week (ends01AUG03).

23/07/2003 09:22