Penelope Cruz dressed up as Mario for a new Nintendo ad.

The actress and her sister Monica turn rivals in the commercial for 'New Super Mario Bros 2' as Penelope plays on a red 3DS console while Monica uses a blue one.

In the video, Penelope is completely engrossed in The Game and can be heard saying ''Come on, Mario, let's go good boy!'' as her character races around trying to collect gold coins.

However, Monica manages to beat her sister playing as Luigi, Mario's brother.

The humorous video ends with Penelope dressed up as moustachioed plumber Mario while her sibling looks on laughing.

Nintendo marketing executive Laurent Fischer said: ''Teaming up with the Cruz sisters is a perfect fit for us. Not only because 'New Super Mario Bros 2' let's two players enjoy the entire adventure playing as brothers Mario and Luigi simultaneously but because these sisters have been genuine fans of the series for many years..

''The co-op mode really brought out their competitive side and they had a lot of fun trying to collect as many coins as possible while racing to finish each level first.''