The Spanish Actress, Penelope Cruz has landed one of her most challenging roles, impersonating the beloved Nintendo character, Super Mario, says The Hollywood Reporter.
Beautiful women have been employed to sell video games before, but they usually take the form of in-game characters; just ask any Tomb Raider fans what they thought of Lara Croft when they were 14. Penelope can now add Mario to her better-known roles as Sofia Serrano in Vanilla Sky or Mirtha Jung in Blow . She's swapped Jonny Depp for a games console to advertise Super Mario Bros. 2 as Nintendo continue their impressive string of top stars appearing for them on screen. The ad see's Cruz and her sister, Monica, indulging in a spot of Ds-action by the pool (not recommended, unless insured) but with an interesting twist: the loser has to dress up!
Maybe we should have provided a spoiler alert, as it is of course elder sibling, Penelope who faces the humiliation of dressing up as a plump, middle aged plumber and parade around an authentic Italian market, requesting mushrooms. What else? It's surprising the Spanish star didn't pull out a giant gold coin to complete the purchase. Perhaps World Cinema buffs won't appreciate the Vicky Cristina Barcelona star advertising video games, but it all seems light-hearted and in good taste. Penelope will be appearing in the new Pedro Almodovar flick, I'm So Excited in 2013.