Penelope Cruz's latest movie has come under fire from the descendants of a former Indian Maharaja who claim the biopic has been sensationalised. Cruz snapped up rights to the story after reading PASSION INDIA - the supposed re-telling of humble Madrid dancer ANITA DELGADO's love affair with Indian royal JAGAJIT SINGH. However, descendants of the Maharaja are desperate to block the movie adaptation, insisting the steamy romance is a "scandalous portrayal" of real events. They are particularly upset by claims Delgado had an illicit affair with her husband's son from a previous marriage. TIKKA SHATRUJIT SINGH, the Maharaja's great-grandson, says, "This is nonsense and we have her diaries to prove it. "It is terrible that people can do this to the dead. It is full of scandalous sexual innuendo." Singh hopes to block future royalties of the book, written by JAVIER MORO, and see the planned film project scrapped.