Actress Penelope Cruz makes the most of Hallowe'en - to celebrate the fact she's still alive after a plane scare two years ago (04). The Spanish star was never a big fan of the spooky day but when she thought she was going to die on a plane flight to Mexico on Hallowe'en, 2004 she decided it was time to acknowledge the date. She says, "I was on a plane with Salma Hayek, one of my best friends, my father... and we were dressed up for Hallowe'en with wigs and everything. "The stewardess started running around and the oxygen masks came down and we all looked at each other wearing those wigs and then they tell us we're having depressurisation of the cabin. We really thought we were gonna die. "So after that I decided I'm going to celebrate Hallowe'en every year of my life to celebrate that we are alive." Cruz spent this Hallowe'en dressed up as Charlie Chaplin. She reveals, "I really wanted to wear a moustache and, eating all night, all I could think about was getting home and removing my moustache. "I even put on my father's perfume... and a few people hit on me."