Spanish actress Penelope Cruz credits her paranoid personality with preventing the paparazzi from taking scandalous photos of her.

The Vanilla Sky beauty insists photographers will never catch her doing anything controversial, because she can sense when they are following her.

She boasts, "As long as the paparazzi leave my family alone and they're not rude, it's alright, they can take all the pictures they want.

"I try to lead a normal life, but there are things I wouldn't do if there are 20 of them behind me. I always see them and I always feel them, and my friends are always surprised because I can say, 'There's one behind that tree there 100 metres away,' and they're like, 'No, you're paranoid.'

"But I smell them. I'm glad I'm paranoid because it protects me."

06/03/2005 21:19