A shocking scene which appears to suggest Penelope Cruz bit SIR Ben Kingsley's penis has been axed from the odd couple's new movie ELEGY.
The pair plays lovers in the new film adaptation of author Philip Roth's novel The Dying Animal.
Spanish director Isabel Coixet was determined to stick as close to the book's narrative as possible, and recreate X-rated bedroom scenes between Cruz and Kingsley's characters.
But she drew the line with an eye-watering close up of Cruz's teeth clenching around the acting veteran's genitals - despite protests from Roth.
Kingsley, 64, reveals, "If Philip Roth had gotten his way, one scene - cut from the film but present in the novel - might have been notorious."
Coixet adds, "Roth wanted the blow job to be very graphic in the film. He was probably trying to intimidate me. I have no problem with blow jobs, but people don't want to see Penelope biting his penis."