Penelope Cruz turned the air blue while shooting VICKY CRISTINA BARCELONA - after moviemaker Woody Allen let her improvise her Spanish lines. The beauty, who is nominated for an Oscar for her role in the dark comedy, spoke in a mix of English and subtitled Spanish in the film alongside fellow Spaniard Javier Bardem.
And Allen gave the pair freedom over their Spanish lines - letting them ad-lib their on-screen conversations.
But Cruz was left terrified after wrapping shooting on the film - because she used expletives throughout her Spanish scenes with Allen's knowledge.
She says, "Woody gave us a lot of freedom to improvise with the language. And a lot of the words were terrible.
"I would go home and worry about it! I'd think, 'Woody has given us all this freedom to improvise and he's going to be in the editing room with a translator and then he'll find out what I was saying...'"
She adds, "But I don't think he minded too much - some of them are still in the movie!"