Spanish beauty Penelope Cruz didn't have to try too hard to research her role in new film SAHARA, because she has shared similar experiences to her WORLD HEALTH ORGANISATION (WHO) doctor character.

The actress stars opposite her real-life boyfriend Matthew Mcconaughey in the action comedy, which hits American cinemas next month (APR05).

Cruz says of her character EVA ROJAS, "In a funny way, we've had some similar experiences. I worked in Calcutta twice, as a volunteer, and some of the locations remind me of Calcutta.

"I've seen even harder things than the ones she sees in the movie. You see those things on television, but it's not the same as seeing a baby crawling in the street.

"She's like lots of WHO doctors I've met. She's not planning on getting married or having kids. All she wants to do is travel and help people."

28/03/2005 17:13