Actress Penelope Cruz's brother EDUARDO has listed her physical shortcomings to stop her believing designer Ralph Lauren's famous claim she's "the best looking human being in the world".

The VANILLA SKY star insists she'll never have a big ego, because Eduardo frequently reminds her she has a lazy eye, a bumpy nose, lop-sided ears, a flabby stomach and ugly feet.

She says, "My brother thinks I have a lazy eye. He also loathes the bump on my nose, where the flesh between my nostrils hangs down. He hates my ears too. One is bigger than the other.

"And I have too much flesh on my waist. He thinks my feet are horrible too.

"So you see, what Ralph Lauren says is a little bit out of proportion. I can't get big-headed with a brother like him."

06/03/2005 14:51