Spanish actress Penelope Cruz is devastated an Indian adoption agency rejected her offer to adopt a baby she "fell in love with" - because she wasn't married.

The BLOW star begged authorities to let her mother a homeless child, during her work with MOTHER TERESA's missionaries in Calcutta four years ago (01).

But despite her unsuccessful attempt to take the child home, she's determined to adopt a baby within the next five years.

She explains, "My brother can't wait for me to have a baby so that I can relax a little bit. Last week I said I'd have a baby by the time I'm 35. I want a family.

"I also want to adopt a baby, even if I have my own. When I was in India I tried to adopt because I saw a baby that I fell in love with. But they didn't let me because I wasn't married. Something very strange happened, it's like we recognised each other."

Cruz's plans have fuelled speculation she's planning to settle down with her current boyfriend, actor Matthew Mcconaughey.

06/03/2005 14:51