Hollywood star Penelope Cruz has blamed poor translation for the furore caused by her recent comments about the rape of her character in new Italian film NON TI MUOVERE.

The Spanish actress angered women's groups when she stated her character, who has been sexually abused since she was a young child, "is a little pleased" when she is raped by a surgeon, because he's "from a higher social class".

The head of New York rape phoneline SAFE HORIZON, GORDON J. CAMPBELL, says, "Rape is a crime, and the trauma that rape victims endure is never lessened by the social status of the perpetrator."

However, the 29-year-old star's spokesperson ROBERT GARLOCK insists Cruz's comments about the film - Don't Move in English - were misinterpreted in translation.

He says, "(The word) pleased (may be) a strange translation of Italian into Spanish into English.

"She was speaking about her character. She doesn't shy away from playing tough characters."

31/07/2003 13:54