Penelope Cruz had no preconceptions about current beau Tom Cruise before she met him - even though she'd heard "good things" about him.

The couple first met in New York on the set of 2001 film Vanilla Sky and the 29-year old actress has been dating the Hollywood hunk ever since filming wrapped.

She says, "I didn't have any expectation of what he'd be like, but I'd heard good things about him. Everyone talked about how generous he was."

But it was Tom's enthusiasm and love for his career that really caught her fancy.

Cruz adds, "He was having the time of his life making the film and he wanted everyone to enjoy it too. He also had tremendous commitment.

"He'd act, produce and do every job in a film if they'd let him. He just loves what he does. I also love what we do, so we were able to share the love of film-making."

23/01/2004 02:08