Spanish film star Penelope Cruz is planning on starting a family after playing a mother in new film VOLVER. The SAHARA star, who has dated Matthew Mcconaughey and Tom Cruise, has revealed she's planning to put her acting career on hold in a couple of years and concentrate on motherhood. She says, "In a few years, I want to have a family because I love children so much." But Cruz worries she won't be as supportive of her own kids if they plan acting careers at 16 - like she did. The actress adds, "When I told my mother I wanted to move to New York when I was 16 I remember the fear in her face and she never wanted to stop me. "My parents gave me that freedom when I was so young and now I really value that. I know now I would be so protective and possessive of my children, because, I don't know what's gonna happen when my daughter is 13 and she tells me she wants to travel and work as an actress. "I'm going to have to remember how generous my parents were with me. I know now it probably wasn't easy for them."